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8. When is the 3001 profile used and when should one use the TH+ profile?

The 3001 profile can be used for average size panels. The maximum size always depends on the wind load requirements and therefore no standard size restrictions can be given. However, typically, the maximum height possible for the 3001 profile is around 8’ 6”. Also, the 3001 profile cannot be utilized for operable panel sizes over 70 sqf. For larger size units, we offer the TH+ profile which typically can accommodate any size of glass available. Sliding walls as tall as 15’ have been built.

1. Where can I buy Vitrocsa?

2. What does the Vitrocsa system cost?

3. What are the size restrictions for your system?

4. What provides the structural support for such a slim profile system?

5. What kind of glazing is available?

6. Who can do the installation of Vitrocsa?

7. Has the Vitrocsa system been tested in the US?

9. What are the energy values of Vitrocsa and is the profile thermally broken?

10. Is Vitrocsa a new system?

11. Which finishes are available?

12. Is Vitrocsa manufactured in the US?

13. Can the Vitrocsa thresholds be installed flush with the finished floor?

14. Can the Vitrocsa frames be completely hidden in the wall?

15. Is the Vitrocsa system weather proof?

16. Is Vitrocsa a hurricane impacted rated system?

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